Pred 19 dnevi
Pred 24 dnevi
Prop Hunt Mod in Among Us!
I've Started Rapping Again...
Please Click.. THERE IS A GAME!
A KILLER is Among Us!
Pred 4 meseci
Looking After an EVIL Baby!
Roblox Hackers Found Me..
This Game Can Make ANY GAME!
Did I Forget About This?!
RIP Tik Tok 💀
Pred 6 meseci
these eggs scared me bro...
You Thought I Died..? 😈
Pred 7 meseci
Pred 7 meseci
my thoughts.
Pred 7 meseci
PIGGY 1 VS 1 Challenge!
Pred 8 meseci
Martha Pollitt
Martha Pollitt Pred 8 urami
Intergalactic Gamez
Intergalactic Gamez Pred 8 urami
16:21 Dan, I want you to look left of your face cam as carefully as you can, if you see something, she's called Ennard
Maymar Musen
Maymar Musen Pred 8 urami
DanTDM: haha wow we've got our own katanas, let's go home. Trayuris: Where's my katana. DanTDM: ...
Harlow's World
Harlow's World Pred 8 urami
Mosasaurs is real
Sondos Ayman
Sondos Ayman Pred 8 urami
6:17 Does dantdm have a bro Me: Bijuu mike flaskbacks I only hate you for this dantdm :(
Kal Andersen
Kal Andersen Pred 8 urami
it aint dead yet
Max Fax
Max Fax Pred 8 urami
the nostalgia....
lynn grushko
lynn grushko Pred 8 urami
that roblox game is called breaking point
Moo da poo
Moo da poo Pred 8 urami
I love this video
Paul Vertucci
Paul Vertucci Pred 8 urami
my closest object to my right was a pokemon plushie it was a mewto i guess that my memory will be bad now \(. _ .)/
Stacy Allen
Stacy Allen Pred 8 urami
We love you dan
Harlow's World
Harlow's World Pred 8 urami
And when I say him I mean TEDDY
JT Gaming
JT Gaming Pred 8 urami
5:40 the others characters have no reflection they lied to all of us
galaxy smasher
galaxy smasher Pred 8 urami
Your playing as mono, the runaway kid, or seven, those are the names of your character
TheBaconWarrior Pred 8 urami
Lol dan gets so mad in this vid
Crazy Canyon
Crazy Canyon Pred 8 urami
Dan:how am I suppose to dodge a snowball the size of my entire house everyone:your house is small me:no everyone he just dideent pay his taxes
Noel Francis
Noel Francis Pred 8 urami
I don't how did he trap him
Harlow's World
Harlow's World Pred 8 urami
Dantdm umm I was playing Akinator and I wanted it to guess TEDDY from among the sleep and he guessed it oh and also I have outsmarted him YOU BETTER REMEMBER HIM. ( >_< )
Harlow's World
Harlow's World Pred 8 urami
TheDragon_Weirdo Pred 8 urami
I'd buy that painting for $69,420.00
Xx_Anime iS gUd_xX Boba tea
Xx_Anime iS gUd_xX Boba tea Pred 8 urami
If you press the thing that says out of Order on your left and press it there is a Seacrest night five on fnaf 1
Meme Ninja
Meme Ninja Pred 8 urami
Sneaker Head
Sneaker Head Pred 8 urami
The old Dan with the intro 😭
Lumbag BF
Lumbag BF Pred 8 urami
Dan you can use your bambo to good use and turn it in to sticks for trading.
Manuel Cordova
Manuel Cordova Pred 8 urami
Man 6:13 made me uncomfortable
Repeat #1
Repeat #1 Pred 8 urami
ario give ou the mario wedding suit but that is a dif way also I get the three amigo joke
Reagan Wheeler
Reagan Wheeler Pred 8 urami
I’ve had this app since 😱
L Isaque EV
L Isaque EV Pred 8 urami
Now play this game called Zooba
YesHot Pred 8 urami
Deathrun vids were so good back in the day so sad hive will shut down in april I had so many good memories there :(
Kylar Wright
Kylar Wright Pred 8 urami
Humza Playz
Humza Playz Pred 8 urami
No one: Still no one: Me: Dans friends are so fast at finishing tasks
Jacobbug 619
Jacobbug 619 Pred 8 urami
Kids these days watch trash this is true content
Caillou Caddell
Caillou Caddell Pred 8 urami
Natalie Littleton
Natalie Littleton Pred 8 urami
the funny part about this is that dan got queen scale instead of royal guardian amour lol
jaxon newland
jaxon newland Pred 8 urami
dan did you do a murder in real life too
Demitri Brown
Demitri Brown Pred 8 urami
15:31 yes
Jude Farrell-Nelson
Jude Farrell-Nelson Pred 8 urami
Mah names Jude, so I’m the MVP LETS GOOOO
Nicole Butler
Nicole Butler Pred 8 urami
My mom just got COVID
FireKing's Let's Play
FireKing's Let's Play Pred 8 urami
Bonnie is a Boy
Taylor Southward
Taylor Southward Pred 8 urami
1 hp
Juniper.r Pred 9 urami
I owe you a father’s day gift for literally raising me
Galxayplaz Pred 9 urami
roblox pls
Marianne Taylor
Marianne Taylor Pred 9 urami
LORE CHECK eggs Benedict is William aftons son Michael afton the one who accidentally killed his brother? Correct?
Cory Holder
Cory Holder Pred 9 urami
Don’t die
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred 9 urami
Dan: I watched tik tok for 3 hours straight 15 year old girls: Scoffs
Khuong Dang
Khuong Dang Pred 9 urami
bruh he had his kill ready he could have kill courage 21:15
Yay gameboy
Rainbow-kun Pred 9 urami
Who's here in 2021 because it got recommend to them?
Tatara Pred 9 urami
John Bernarte
John Bernarte Pred 9 urami
Bravo danTDM I never known you wanted to break bedrock
Levi Tinney
Levi Tinney Pred 9 urami
What if da lost river was a leviathan scene bone
Son Pred 9 urami
Rip Dan's Brain
Pearle Salvi
Pearle Salvi Pred 9 urami
I’ve seen the hand one
Buster Frederick
Buster Frederick Pred 9 urami
27:28 wait you know BTS!?! i FREAKING LOVE BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FlareFox Pred 9 urami
Rip Reuben in the name of 2021
Dil Solanki
Dil Solanki Pred 9 urami
Dan can u please try out this game it’s called Genshin Impact it’s and RPG game. Day 1 of asking.
Architect YT
Architect YT Pred 9 urami
The game is Breaking Point in roblox.
Pearle Salvi
Pearle Salvi Pred 9 urami
That pepper slaughter house vid I’ve seen that that before
Jasiah Aponte
Jasiah Aponte Pred 9 urami
Dan can you plz play tabs again
YoDaToAd99 Pred 9 urami
i remember when the game would shut dow out of nowhere
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Pred 9 urami
Skinless- cats? 😑🤦‍♀️
Jasiah Aponte
Jasiah Aponte Pred 9 urami
This was a awesome vid
Work out and fitness
Work out and fitness Pred 9 urami
Every time the neighbor is coming I’m freaking out 😬
Gonzalo Flores
Gonzalo Flores Pred 9 urami
Maybe use basalt as a contrasting color, or probably blackstone
ezra long
ezra long Pred 9 urami
10:48 I didn't know Dantdm watched a makeup channel
Stellar Belt
Stellar Belt Pred 9 urami
Dan: *LAUGHS AT THATVEGANTEACHER* Everyone in the Entire World: Wait, That’s Illegal!
Angela jones
Angela jones Pred 9 urami
Mewqq Pred 9 urami
People mad that they couldn’t see his imposter game at the end 2193749392
what’sUp man Bruh
what’sUp man Bruh Pred 9 urami
I thought I heard something smash
AShortMan Pred 9 urami
People still play this game?
Ruth Singh
Ruth Singh Pred 9 urami
Crewmates then:I went to elec to do tasks and I saw black, he double taped when he saw me so I thought he couldve vented so I went to sec and meds, no bodies were in meds but there was a double kill in sec and I recently saw green go into meds which vent connects to elec which is where black was and sec which is where the double happend so they both vented to sec and doubled and then green went to meds via a vent and went over to nav and black went to elec to escape but he saw me there and couldn't kill me cuz of cooldown. Case closed Crewmates now: red sus. Case closed "It evolving, just backwards"
YoDaToAd99 Pred 9 urami
who here si 2021 were the game was destroyed with hackers and trollers and mean people?
Shawn Morgan
Shawn Morgan Pred 9 urami
Dan please Henry stick in again
South House
South House Pred 9 urami
My subscriber button turns light gray.
Ah good memories of skate 3 good times good times and DanTDM does not look good with brown hair
South House
South House Pred 9 urami
Okay *hi Dan*
Dean Thompson
Dean Thompson Pred 9 urami
Last time I watched u was probably 4 years ago
DARKNEES YT Pred 9 urami
Dantdm can you play roblox piggy intercity
The Recon Empire New Arcadia Will Rise
The Recon Empire New Arcadia Will Rise Pred 9 urami
So... Are there 2 of them? Of an video edit...
Daniel Esmaili
Daniel Esmaili Pred 9 urami
14:00 I have 2x crippling PTSD.